Cytgord is a semi-realistic wolf RP which is based on In Character experiences and which uses liquid time and free form sandbox RP.
Let your characters speak!
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Season and weather
Full spring, year 1

24 days till late spring

The last bit of snow is melting and even though it's still rather cold, temperatures are slowly rising and flowers are coming back.


Cytgord Pack


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 Fights, death and spars

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PostSubject: Fights, death and spars   Fri Feb 26, 2016 11:33 pm

You wolf may encounter fights, death and spars. Your wolf can die at any point during the role-play and you must be prepared for it, as long as no power play or god-modding is used a fight is fair, even if your wolf dies. The outcome of a fight is decided through role-play as OOC planning is not allowed on the site (it is an IC role-play), this means you must take into consideration the ability and experience of the wolf that you are fighting and act accordingly. As a role-player you should be aware that your wolf might die or be seriously injured in any fight that they might encounter and you should be able to accept this. Remember, the fight doesn't always have to end in death, through the role-play you may agree on the terms of the fight, they are not set, you must decide. You can dodge once per post.

Spars are friendly fights that friends might do for training, or even mentors do to their apprentices. Serious injuries never normally happen - certainly not on purpose - and death is certainly not an outcome that will occur. Spars should be agreed on through the role-play, not OOC.


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Fights, death and spars
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