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Full spring, year 1

24 days till late spring

The last bit of snow is melting and even though it's still rather cold, temperatures are slowly rising and flowers are coming back.


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 Satou Kiyoshi Nikkemaki - Cinnamon roll~

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PostSubject: Satou Kiyoshi Nikkemaki - Cinnamon roll~   Fri Feb 19, 2016 3:56 am

Satou Kiyoshi Nikkemaki
Cinnamon Roll
2 years 5 months
40% Arabian Wolf, 60% Eastern Timber Wolf
22 inches
50 Lbs.
Health Status
Birth Season
Early Autumn

Satou is a bit small for his age though his build is almost normal for one half of his breed. He wasn't the runt but was still one of the smallest in his litter, the only other smaller being his sister. His coat is a mixture of brown in several different shades. His face, paws, and tail are the darkest points, appearing almost black in certain lights. His back, stomach, and legs range from dark brown to a almost light mochogany color. The length of his coat a bit long, though is very soft and almost puppy-like, being about 3-4 inches across his body. The texture is rather fluffy as well, a bit odd for a wolf of his age. Finally concerning his eyes they are a pure shade of ocean blue, shy innocence usually visible in them. Depending on his mood and the light they can shift to different shades though.

Satou has a bit of a serious and quiet front that he puts up, often trying to appear strong and straight foward. He doesn't normal pull down this shield he has build up, even for others he considers friends. He has been known to fall in love with other males, forcing all his feelings and emocions down to hide it all. He won't really flirt with females or other males, never having been in a real relasionship for fear of what others might think.
He has also been known to be very helpful, mature, and in quick thinking, the main reason he has earned his rank as Beta. When stressful sicuaitions have come up he is quite level headed and forces himself to move, placing his pack mates (lover) first before all else. Only during this time will he show, never say or reveil, his feelings for another through his actions. Sadly if asked about it or questioned he will simply look away and deny it all.
Finally when concerning his lovers/mates he has never dated or mated with anyone. Never has he walked up and told another how he felt, hiding it all to himself every single time. Often when a love intrest has popped up he just followed after them, only stopping once they left the pack or found a mate. Though the weirdest part is that even though he will never say a word he will become short spoken and very jelious if ignored by his lover, placed to the side while another wolf is given a job or attention and he is sent away for something.

Satou has quite the strong hidden behind his small frame and stature, pulling though a battle almost everytime at the last possible second. While he can't take many hits and isn't the fastest wolf among his pack he does have decent stamina and speed.
Satou isn't the best wolf to send out on tracking missions, usually quite nervious and worrisome when left alone. His mind often distracts him when he is supposed to be trailing after something so its usually best for him to stay at the den or hunt very close by where is love interest is.
Satou has a bad fear of loud sounds, regartless of what is making it. Sometimes he is able to pull through and avoid showing it, either focusing on his love interrest or running away to hide all alone.
Another fear he has is that he will never do good enough in hiis love interests eyes, often taking on a lot more then he can handle unless he is forced to back down a bit. He worries all the time that he will never show them how strong or amazing he is.
Satou has a habit of trailing after one wolf, his love interest, even when they are eating or using the bathroom. He will keep his distacne and even go as far as to hide in the shadows to keep a eye on them.
Another habit he has is that when asked or questioned about his actions around his love interest he will blush and turn away, growing quiet and not really speaking except to stutter soft little denials.
Finally he has a ossension with dragging stones, ones that have odd colors or crystals attached to them. He will sometimes leave them alone after a while, usually bringing them to his sleeping area in the main den to look over or show to his love interest.


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Hunting: 10/50
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Medicine: 10/50

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PostSubject: Re: Satou Kiyoshi Nikkemaki - Cinnamon roll~   Fri Feb 19, 2016 7:29 am


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Satou Kiyoshi Nikkemaki - Cinnamon roll~
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