Cytgord is a semi-realistic wolf RP which is based on In Character experiences and which uses liquid time and free form sandbox RP.
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Season and weather
Full spring, year 1

24 days till late spring

The last bit of snow is melting and even though it's still rather cold, temperatures are slowly rising and flowers are coming back.


Cytgord Pack


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 Brynn - little goof~

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PostSubject: Brynn - little goof~   Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:13 pm

Brynn Awbrey
Bry, Brinnie
2 years and 7 months
Timber wolf
Cytgord Pack
Health Status
Birth Season
Early autumn

◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯

Brynn is a bit small for his age and rather lean, making him more of a running type of wolf instead of a fighting one. He has a thick coat that protects him against the cold, so that makes him look slightly bigger, though not much. His coat is a mixture of browns, with white. To be more exact, you could describe him as a brown wolf with darker brown on top of his head, back and the upper side of his tail. His muzzle, cheeks, throat, the upper part of his chest, his belly and on the down part of his tail are white, as well as his paws and the insides on his legs. Around the white on his chest is a lighter brown color, which goes around in a V-form. He has fairly big puppy-like eyes with a bright spark in them an a curious look. His eyes are a yellow color, leaning slightly towards a honey golden due to some hints of orange going through it.

◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯

Brynn is your little goof. Even though he's an adult he can often act like a little pup, childish at times. He loves making jokes, especially to make others feel better. Because Brynn loves to see others smile and would put other's needs before his own. Even though he often jokes around and acts childish, he never gets annoyed or spoiled; after all his jokes are there to be fun for everyone, that's how he sees it.
That's why you can never get that bright smile off his face; he is barely seen with a frown and it would take a lot of mean and harsh words to get Brynn to feel bad. He loves to make others laugh but would never ever make sarcastic jokes that could hurt other's feelings. Because Brynn isn't a wolf to hurt others. He is understanding and one to comfort you, in any way possible.
He loves hugs, cuddles and nuzzles and really enjoys to be in the presence of other wolves. Brynn is a true wolf; he cannot live without company. He is a pack wolf and would do almost everything to get to make friends, to be with a pack, to have family. He trusts everyone from the start and is way too goodhearted. This can often get him in danger, as he will believe every wolf upon meeting them, and would do anything they ask of him. This would sometimes result in other wolves using him. This behavior makes Brynn appear as innocent and rather naive, and he quite is. He is a smart wolf but being extremely social and giving other wolves always a second chance and even more chances after that, he doesn't really have a sense of how dangerous the world can possibly be.

His speed; Brynn is fairly fast and he can run for long distances, if he doesn't sprint right off the bat and takes his time to get used to a 'running-rhythm' as he calls it. His patience and sweet personality are also strong points of his.
Brynn isn't very good at hunting, and also not very strong. He is able to hunt but it would take him longer to get his prey down as he needs time to work out the tactics. Brynn dislikes fighting so he never taught himself how to fight. He would rather flee than use his strength to get things done.

Brynn is afraid of bears so when he sees one he will sure enough cower and try his best to avoid them in any way possible. And Brynn really hates to be alone. If he stays alone for a long time he can grow into a panic and become rather depressed.
Brynn has a habit of acting goofy; he loves rolling around in he grass, especially when he has an itch he can't reach. And as Brynn loves playing and often acts a bit like a pup, he often tends to drag around branches to chew on. He also has a habit of chewing on leaves.

◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯

Brynn has a fairly normal life, a life every wolf should have. He was born in a small pack, in a litter of three; him and his two sisters. His parents were still rather young, around two years old;  Brynn and his sisters Amy and Brynne (Brynn's 'twin' sister) were their first pups. Brynn grew up in a loving pack and cuddled with his parents every day, and he had a strong bond with his siblings. His life was never without danger though, as his parents often had to protect them from creatures like coyotes or bears that tried to attack and eat the pups as they were easy prey. But it was a good life nonetheless.
When he turned nine months old he and his sisters learned how to hunt big and small prey, their parents trying their best to teach them even though they still didn't have much experience as parents. The three young ones did a good job and especially Amy learned fast. Brynn was one to fall behind when hunting often, so he never really got to master the skills, but it was good enough to keep him alive when he would consider dispersing. Even though it would probably take him much more effort than others to get something to eat.
At the age of one his mother died of a disease and father had to take care of his three young ones by himself. He had not had the chance to meet his new pups, as his mate died during pregnancy. However, he moved on and took good care of his three yearlings, even though life was a bit more harsh than it used to be. Being a lonely parent he had to keep them in line, but that's where Brynn came in. Because Brynn was sweet and caring, the sweetest of the three siblings. He always helped his father take care of his two sisters. Even though he was the youngest of the three, he still acted like their older brother.
When Brynn turned two years old he said goodbye to his birth pack, dispersing. He went in search for a pack of his own, or at least a new pack that would accept him. Because Brynn wanted to see the world and explore, find out about new things. He wanted to meet new wolves, make new friends. He missed his birth pack dearly everyday, but he knew someday he would find more wolves, more family. Because his birth pack would always stay his family, too.

◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯

Aron Awbrey (deceased)  (deceased) and Lilly Ellis (deceased)
Amy (sister) and Brynne (twin sister) [both alive]
Carwyn , Gwyn , Jeamesero , Rhys , Airamyst
Jeamesero , Airamyst

◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯

Art by Nessi on Horizon

Brynn's goals
- Find a place/pack to belong (to) ✔
- Find a mate
- Have pups
Hunting: 10/100
Fighting: 10/100
Medicine: 10/100


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PostSubject: Re: Brynn - little goof~   Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:25 pm


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Brynn - little goof~
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