Cytgord is a semi-realistic wolf RP which is based on In Character experiences and which uses liquid time and free form sandbox RP.
Let your characters speak!
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Season and weather
Full spring, year 1

24 days till late spring

The last bit of snow is melting and even though it's still rather cold, temperatures are slowly rising and flowers are coming back.


Cytgord Pack


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 Rules for Characters

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PostSubject: Rules for Characters   Thu Feb 18, 2016 4:13 pm

This site is only semi-realistc but we still have rules on what is and isn't accepted. Since there are more that are accepted only things that aren't accepted will be written here. If you have any queries on whether your character would be accepted then don't be afraid to private message me (Lupa) or Jeames, we will let you know.

You're not allowed:
- Mood eyes or unrealistic eye colours; blue and green are fine but other unrealistic colours are not. (Heterochromia is allowed).
- Unrealistic pelt markings; they can be slightly unrealistic but not too unrealistic. If you have a query as to whether your markings are too unrealistic just ask.
- No wolf is perfect, so don't make their personality so that they are perfect, all around wolves. AKA no "Wolfy-Sue"s.
- Your wolf MUST have at least one weakness otherwise they'd be over-powered in the role-play.


Site owner and role-play moderator.
I also make all the rules and guides because I am nice.
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Rules for Characters
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