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Full spring, year 1

24 days till late spring

The last bit of snow is melting and even though it's still rather cold, temperatures are slowly rising and flowers are coming back.


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 Jeamesero - quite the oddball

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PostSubject: Jeamesero - quite the oddball   Wed Feb 17, 2016 8:05 pm

Kochi Tamashii
Everyone calls him Jeamesero, it became his new name. Other nicknames are Jeames and Jea, often used.
3 years and 1 month
90% Hudson Bay wolf, 10% gray wolf
Cytgord Pack
Health Status
Birth Season
Early spring

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Jeamesero has a light brown coat. The coat is very light, almost very close to a cream color. He has a small back tail tip; the inside of his ears is a cream color, even lighter than his coat. His his paw pats are that same color, but have spots of pinkish and brownish colors on them, as well.
The male is rather short for his age, having a small and slender body build made for running. His legs are an average size, as well as his tail. Jeamesero's face is rather round, and his ears are rounded at the tips. His muzzle is rather big in width and looks a bit flat at the tip when you look him straight in the face; it's rather round, just like his face.
His coat is quite fluffy but still kind of short. It feels rough to the touch because its short, but since it's fluffy it will look like waves moving all over his body when he walks at a fast pace or runs. He is always seen with big round eyes and a puppy-like expression on his face, unless his other personalities come out.

◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯

Jeamesero: Jeamesero is sweet and caring for others and he’s very smart for the way he acts, coming up with solutions when it’s needed. He will always be the shoulder to cry on and will try to help others when they want or need help. He isn’t really good with words when comforting someone, but he’s a real teddy bear and loves to cuddle and pat other's head, even when those other wolves are bigger in build. He will always look up at them and smile like a cute little pup, feeling proud to be able to help someone older or bigger, or at least more adult-like; like a yearling that becomes an older sibling for the first time and every second f the day wants to help their mother. He’s a hard worker that always wants people to be happy, this because he longs for the respect of others, and always wants others to be proud of him. He's very playful and can act rather childish at times. He's like a big puppy, often begging for things or showing these huge innocent eyes. He can often even talk to others with this sweet and innocent puppy-like voice. His voice sounds very young and can mislead others, making them think he's most likely a yearling, while he's not. When he accomplishes something he will act all happy and cheerful, and proud of himself. The same thing will happen when he has helped someone or given someone some good advice. It's really cute, no, better say adorable to look at; he's really like a young wolf in an adult's body.
However, his sweet and innocent personality makes it easy for him to feel bad quickly; it's easy to make him cry or feel worthless, guilty or sad, because he's a very emotional wolf. So rough play fights and mean words can seriously cause him harm. When he’s sad he might cry or act really cute and tiny, but his sadness never takes too long, because Jeamesero has a bit of a short attention span, if you could say that. Try to make it up to him or say a nice word and he will be back to acting happy and cheerful in no time. He's a bit of an odd goofball.

Kirinun: 'Jeamesero' does care about others, but barely shows it to anyone. When he’s wrong and knows about it, he tries to act like he doesn't care, ignoring someone or not listening to their statement nor their actual words. Because to him facts don't matter; his own opinions do. He often appears coldhearted and off into the background when he’s around others or in a pack.
He’s very smart, however, and good with giving solutions and he likes to speak his own mind. He always acts like everything’s not that big of a deal and sometimes it might look like he’s not listening to someone at all, at he tends to stare into the distance when someone’s talking to him.
Yet, he always listens very carefully, so he knows what someone is telling him. And he has a good memory so he can remember almost any word someone has said. He’s also really good at learning rules and other personalities from other wolves by heart, so he knows very quickly who’s who and to who he can talk and to who he cannot. That is, about certain subjects that might not be suited for other wolves.
He doesn't speak much and tends to stay on the sidelines but it's not like he is shy, he's just not interested in others that much.

Death Mask: Jeamesero is not Jeamesero at all, not at all. He's Death Mask, coldhearted and mean to anyone. He always has small pupils which make him look quite crazy, and that’s exactly how he is inside his head. He gets angrily easily and often drools when screaming or growling. When in this state of mind his coat looks even a bit messy; he really looks like a crazy psychopathic wolf, and maybe he is…
Jeamesero has killed many wolves when like this, even though he doesn’t remember when being in his other states of mind. You could call him a psychopathic cannibal who is constantly thirsty for blood and flesh, doesn’t matter from what kind of animal that flesh is. You sure can't trust him, he will try anything to get what he wants, even if that means he has to attack and/or kill someone for raw power and dominance. He’s very dangerous but he won't really attack immediately. He will first most likely have a rather creepy chat with his opponent or victim, acting like they are friends or like he knows them well. And when he attacks he might attack quick and kill them immediately, or he will at least try to kill them immediately. He will pretend like he feels compassion for others.
However when this Death Mask figure starts enjoying the battle he's in he will start showing other interests. He will look even crazier and start attacking his victims more often, yet not harm them fatally he will just keep on attacking them till they beg him for mercy. He will laugh hysterically and make them suffer. He will even love feeling his own pain.

Jeamesero: His stamina; he can run for long distances without getting too tired. He can also run pretty fast when he's fleeing or just feeling the adrenaline run through his veins for whatever reason.

Kirinun: His brains; he's good at coming up with solutions and always knows what to say. He's smart and cunning, sly like a fox sometimes if he needs to. Another one of his strengths his his ability to stay calm and patient in the most chaotic situations.

Death mask: His strength; he will fight everyone and anyone anytime, not afraid to kill them. He's pretty strong but also very tactic, making it easy for him to take on more than one wolf at once. Though, normally when he has truly lost it, he will only use brute force and show no mercy.
Jeamesero: His strength; he's not great at fighting and might end up even fleeing from another wolf when ending up in a battle. He might try fighting back or try to protect someone he cares for but it will mostly end up in cowering.

Kirinun: This isn't really sure, but probably his strength, as he has never been seen fighting. At least, not yet.

Death mask: Yet unknown, though it might be his brains; he doesn't really think, he only acts.

Jeamesero: Jeamesero is afraid of fire ever since the forest fire that killed his parents and made him lose his two brothers. And he's afraid of water because he can't swim.

Kirinun: This is unknown.

Death mask: Unknown, probably doesn't have any.
Jeamesero: Chewing on sticks and dragging them along, as well as dragging along stones and playing with them. And sticking his nose into things it shouldn't be stuck in.

Kirinun: Kirinun has a habit of mumbling to himself when in thoughts, and you can often find him away from the others staring at nothing in particular. He very often seeks the solitude.

Death mask: Ummmm, killing and torturing creatures? Is that a habit?

◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯

Jeamesero has a very complicated past. He was born in a litter of four and was the runt. Yet the second and third pup died the first night, leaving the first born and the last born (Jeamesero) the only two alive. Jeamesero was their parents’ most favorite pup and so his older brother Mustafa began caring less and less for his little sibling, trying to prove their parents that he was better in any way. He even tried drowning Jeamesero for once because the kid couldn’t swim.
When Jeamesero was a yearling, a fire struck the forest, killing his parents. He and his brother fled from the fire, helped by their half brother who had been a member from their father’s previous pack, but who had joined his father after his own mother had died from a disease.
Not too long after that they lost each other out of sight and all three ended up on their own, all alone. Jeamesero has been wandering ever since, and at the age of two he found this pack and joined it, hoping for a better future. But his mind had always been very fragile, and ever since the forest fire and the death of his parents his mind had been broken, leaving him with three different personalities that often confuse even himself.

Jeamesero got born in a small pack in a litter of four. While he was the runt the second and third pup died that same night, leaving Jeamesero and his older brother, the first born pup called Mustafa, alive. Jeamesero's real name was Kochi, a name given by his parents, a name that sounded sweet and innocent, like his small build and sweet personality showed.
Kochi was their parents’ most favorite pup and so his older brother Mustafa began caring less and less for his little sibling, trying to prove their parents that he was better in any way. He was Jealous. But their parents never really noticed Mustafa and Mustafa turned agitated and felt very lonely and misunderstood. Every time he cried Kochi however was there for him, trying to cheer him um, but feeling jealous Mustafa kept pushing him away, pretending like he was fine, snapping at his little brother every time.
So eventually Kochi grew scared of Mustafa and started hanging out more with his oldest half brother, Takeru (Shun). Takeru was a pup from their mother's first litter, before their mother's first mate, Esan, died during a hunt. Takeru being a yearling Kochi saw him as his hero and protector, coming to Takeru every time Mustafa was being mean to him. And Takeru always protected Kochi. They grew a very close big-brother-and-smaller-brother relationship and Kochi started calling Takeru Nii Nii, a cute Japanese nickname for older brother, and it stuck throughout the years.
Kochi felt safe whenever Takeru was around, and their bond was truly unbreakable. However, when Takeru and his twin sister Shanya turned two years old they left together to find a family of their own. They dispersed from their birth pack. It was a hard farewell but Takeru told Kochi he was going to make it, now that he was a yearling. Kochi would be able to defend himself against Mustafa now that he was older. He didn't need Takeru's help anymore, because Takeru believed in him. So Takeru decided to give him another name to make Kochi feel stronger and braver, a bigger name. That's when he was dubbed Jeamesero. And Jeamesero stuck to that name, telling his parents he wanted to be called like that from that day on.

They said goodbye and left, and Jeamesero and Mustafa were the ones staying back at the den with their parents. Not long after Takeru and Shanya had left, however, this other Hudson Bay wolf- grey wolf mixed male entered their territory. It was a three years old male, looking more like a grey wolf, but he had a few features of a Hudson Bay wolf, a few genes from his father. Yamato, Jeamesero's and Mustafa's father, had never told about him, but his name was Hilya.
He had been a pup from Yamato's first litter, the oldest one and the only one to survive. His mother had died before she could give birth, and Yamato had gone in search for a new mate. That's when he had met Kaya, Jeamesero's and Mustafa's mother. Not really accepting Hilya into the pack Kaya and Hilya had never really grown a bond, and a month after she and Yamato had become mates, he had left the pack to search for a mate of his own. He knew Kaya had been pregnant at that time, but he had never returned to see his younger half brothers until now.
The reason for his return was that he had found a mate, and they had tried to start a pack together. Yet his mate had been weak, and the pups had died right after birth, all of them. And not long after his mate had died as well. Not sure what to do next he decided to return to his father, who accepted him back into his own pack. Kaya once again wasn't too happy with the return of her mate's oldest, son, but decided to accept him as well. Hilya got to meet Jeamesero and Mustafa and soon Jeamesero grew close to Hilya, seeing him as a new second Nii Nii. Though, he would never become a true Nii Nii to him like Takeru had. Because their bond never grew as strong. They had met each other later in their lives, Hilya hadn't been there in the pack when Jeamesero had been born.

A few days later Mustafa and Jeamesero were gone out alone to practice their hunting skills and they had spotted an elk herd. It had been snowing for a while now and the ground was covered in a thick layer. Mustafa lead the hunt once they found the elk herd and Jeamesero followed him. But, he kept messing up. Every time they had spotted a weak elk Jeamesero managed to let the hunt fail in whatever way possible, and Mustafa once more grew very agitated with him. Jeamesero wasn't great at hunting, he had never been that good at it.
Mustafa grew angry with him and attacked him, causing Jeamesero to stumble and fall back in the snow. But what the two brothers didn't know was that they had been standing in rather thin ice all that time, and now Jeamesero had busted through it. And that's when Mustafa found out about Jeamesero's biggest weakness; Jeamesero couldn't swim. The wolf was stuck in the freezing water and how hard he even tried to swim he kept going under. Jeamesero managed to grasp the sides with his paws and he begged Mustafa for help but Mustafa just walked off. He had finally found a way to get rid of Jeamesero and get the respect from their parents he had wanted for so long. But Jeamesero cried out for help, and not long after Hilya appeared. He had been sent out to keep an eye on the two younger brothers, to make sure nothing would happen to them. He had seen it all happen, and now he had rushed in to help Jeamesero out of the water.
After pulling Jeamesero out, to safety, he brought the two yearlings back to the den, where Mustafa got scolded by his father. From that day on Mustafa had lost his parents' respect, all of it.

Then that same year when the snow had finally melted something terrible happened. The snow had melted but it hadn't rained for a long time, and so the forest became hot and dry and a forest fire struck. Their parents Kaya and Yamato got killed by the fire but Jeamesero and Mustafa were lucky and able to flee from it, with some help from Hilya. They got split up in the forest, however, and Jeamesero ended up all alone. He wasn't sure if Hilya and Mustafa were still together somewhere or both alone as well, but Jeamesero did know he had to get out of this place, away from the burning forest, so he ran, not sure where he was going.
At the age of one he was rather vulnerable to the outside world, still, but he managed to hunt down small animals and survive. Now that he had to work alone he had gotten better at hunting, due to him practicing his skills all by himself; he didn't get outrun by his brother Mustafa anymore.
Jeamesero lived all alone like this for a few more months, until he met up with an elder wolf that took him in and treated him like a son. He taught Jeamesero more skills, fighting and hunting. Though, he never learned how to swim, he wasn't made for it.
After saying the elder goodbye he left to search for a place to call home, a pack with wolves. He wanted to be part of a family again, he anted to be in a pack with more than one wolf, because he felt lonely. Not long after, around a week or two later he met up with this adult wolf, a two years old male. Jeamesero teamed up with him and they stayed together for a while. Jeamesero didn't know why but he felt strange around this male, he felt something he had never felt before. And it took a long time before Jeamesero realized it was love he felt. He had hoped to start a pack of his own someday with a mate and pups, but realized he could not fall in love with female wolves. He began to feel unsure, like an outcast. And to top the terrible feelings he had, this male betrayed him.
After spending some time together they ended up in a pack's territory by accident and they were attacked. Jeamesero, not being able to fight, was cornered and tried to keep the wolves at a distance. As he called for help the older male left and didn't turn back. He had fled the scene, saving his own skin.

That's when Jeamesero experienced anger and hate for the first time in his life, that's when Death Mask first arrived in his life. Feeling betrayed and abandoned Jeamesero asked himself why, why that male had left him. The feelings of love he had for him disappeared, and they got replaced with fury. Jeamesero went insane. He attacked all of the wolves, not leaving a single one of them unharmed. He killed all of them. All the time during the fight of his life it appeared as if it wasn't him, it wasn't Jeamesero. He had become a whole new wolf, a different wolf. A murderer.
And after the fight he opened his eyes, feeling as if he had slept all that time, yet he felt pain, the stinging pain of wounds. He had scratches and wounds everywhere over his body. Then he noticed the dead wolves all around him, and when he saw his reflection in a lake not far away from the battle zone, he saw the blood covering his muzzle, throat and chest; the blood of other wolves. He had killed them, yet he hadn't remembered it. In a daze he left the area, terrified of himself.
During his travel he had attacked several more wolves and killed them, even taken revenge by killing the male that had left him behind, that had fled. And every time he killed, he couldn't remember it.
At the age of two he entered a new valley and stumbled upon the pack called Cytgord Pack. And Jeamesero joined them. But since he wasn't really fit for any other rank in the pack, he stayed an Omega.

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Yamato (deceased) and Kaya (deceased)
Mustafa (brother), Shun (older half brother from mother's side), Shanya (older half sister from mother's side), Hilya (older half brother from father's side)
Gwyn , Carwyn , Satou , Rhys , Airamyst , Brynn
Carwyn , Gwyn , Airamyst , Brynn

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- Overcome his demons
- Find a mate
Hunting: 20/100
Fighting: 10/100
Medicine: 10/100


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Jeamesero - quite the oddball
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