Cytgord is a semi-realistic wolf RP which is based on In Character experiences and which uses liquid time and free form sandbox RP.
Let your characters speak!
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Season and weather
Full spring, year 1

24 days till late spring

The last bit of snow is melting and even though it's still rather cold, temperatures are slowly rising and flowers are coming back.


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 More Vocabulary

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PostSubject: More Vocabulary   Wed Feb 17, 2016 7:54 pm

Alpha: lead, leader, head, regal

Body: frame, figure, form, bodice, physique, facade, mass, bulk, torso, flank(side), platform(back)

Coat: hide, pelt, derma, canvas

Color: hue, tint, stain, pigment, dye, shade

Ears: lobes, auds, audreys, auditives, auditiories, dublets, lappetts, thorns, flutes, receptorers, tulips, antennae

Eyes: orbs, obtics, occuli, orics, oculars, oracles, optics, oids, pools. luminaries, spheres

Female: lupa, femme, femmina, fae, lamia, brutale, vix, vixen, she-beast, she-wolf, femorette, feminique, demoness, enchantress, tempest, mistress

Head/Face: cranium. craniul, crania, crown, skull, pate, apex, palette(face), visage(face)

Land: domicile, realm, territory, domain, habitat, kingdom

Legs: appendages, 'pendages, pedates, nadirs, pistons, limbs, fores [front legs], hinds [back legs].

Lips: labrums, labrales, labra, labia.

Male: lupe, masculine, mascu, brute, brujo, he-beast, hessian, demon, bruje', titan.

Mouth: dial, mug, maw, muzzle, snout.

Nails: talons, claws, blades, digits.

Neck: column, crest, nape.

Nostrils: nares, narettes, cresents, nasal passages, oxygenators.

Paws: pads.

Pup: youth, adolescant, lass [f], lad [m], bray [m], rogue [m], bella [f].

Tail: swatter, banner, fifth appendage, tassle, rope, plume, plummage, pendulum.

Teeth: incisors, fangs, ivories, enamels.

Other Terms

Debris on the Ground: leaves, twigs, bushes, ect): loam, foliage, brush, flora, umbrage.

Ground: terra firma, terra, soil, earth, terrain, carpet.

Water: liquid, fluid, odourless [description], crystalline [description].

Color Terms

Black: ebony, ebon, midnight, charcoal, obsidian, raven, shadow, charred.

Blue: navy, sapphire, indigo, ice, azure.

Brown: tawny, tan, beige, sorrel.

Gray: ash(en), silver, steel, dusty.

Green: emerald, jade, olive, lime.

Orange: sunkissed, firey, mango, ginger.

Purple: mauve, lilac, lavender, violet.

Red: crimson, rouge, scarlet, cherry, cinnamon, ruby, burgundy.

Yellow: sunny, mustard, golden, honey.

White: pearl, ivory, milky, alabaster, colorless, pure.

Original list (c) Silent Storm Pack


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More Vocabulary
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